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  • March 20, 1979 I was born on the 1st day of spring. My family and I moved around from here to there; Pittsburgh, Louisville, Chicago, Toledo. And that’s the way I got mixed up and headed down the wrong path.
  • At 12 years of age I drank my first Budweiser.(6th Grade)
  • At 13 I started drinking every weekend, smoking pot, cigarettes, and having sex.
  • At 16 I started using cocaine.
  • At 17 I started using LSD every week. I graduated from high school in Toledo, Ohio, and went to Kent St. University – there I became the ‘queen’ of psychedelic drugs. My 2nd year of college I returned to my hometown because my dealer got busted at Kent State, so I started attending the University of Toledo.
  • At 18 I got pregnant, and then I got an abortion
  • At 19 I became engaged to Jon

    • At 20 I started using ecstasy and cocaine heavily.
    • At 21 my boyfriend/fiancée Jon ran from the cops to Vegas, then Jon went to jail and we broke up. I started working @ Hooter’s then went to dancing. Working at ‘Cheetah’s Strip Club’ and ‘The Library’.
    • I left Vegas after 2 years and moved to California. I started working as a cocktail waitress in the Dana Point Harbor and in San Clemente. I began using speed and Heroin.
    • I called it quits and moved to my father’s house in Florida. There I kicked heroin and speed, but found crack at my new place of employment – another bar in Daytona Beach.
    • I got my skincare license, but I called it quits after my attempted suicide.
    • I headed back to Indiana to live with my sister.
    • I got a job at another restaurant/bar and started slamming cocaine; I OVERDOSED.
    • I came to visit my mother in back in California for Christmas (with a question in my head; why I am still alive? What is my purpose in life?)
    • I started using speed again.
    • I lived life in the dark fast lane for the next year.
    • I got arrested in the summertime for possession of mushrooms, felony hit & run, and got out to complete drug rehab.
    • I was to stay out of trouble for a year and return to court in December but failed to return to court. Two warrants were issued for my arrest.
    • I was busted by marshals on 3/22/06 for the sales of drugs.
    • I am currently @ Orange County Women’s Jail with a no bail hold.
    • Because of my ties to a notorious white supremist group I have been labeled a racist. I then got into an argument with a girl. The fight was blamed on my racist views.
    • I got tossed by deputies and moved to TANK “H”.
    • I got into two more fights w/girls of color and tossed again by the deputies, stripped searched and sent to the “IRC”.


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