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While walking from the main yard to the IRC the day before Easter I couldn’t help but think, “what a bummer, no pastel M&M’s for me this year” – little did I know for the next couple of days I was not going to get any food at all. I am currently on lockdown 23 out of 24 hours a day. Sometimes 24 out of 24?. Needless to say I have discovered the main source of my problem (me!)

Attending central court is far from nice, in fact, it’s the worst of worse. I told my attorney that if I could not get out on bail I would not be able to make it. There was no way that I could go to Central Court. No way. I was serious…, my court date came, so I sucked up whatever negative feelings I was having and made my appearance I brought an Orange County Bible with me. While filled with anger the bible helped me to avoid many fights during my day at court. Never had I read the bible before, I was a little curious. The vocabulary made it very hard for me to understand, leading to more frustration.

The day was finally coming to and end at court. I accidentally left the Bible in the holding cell, I realized as I was sitting on the bus waiting to return to my cell. I thought to myself “great, there was my only chance of hope. I just left Jesus in a holding cell.

Being told, “No bail again,” and accidentally leaving my bible behind, I was feeling pretty down.

I returned to my cell to find “Free on the Inside” lying on my bed!! I thought “no way, that’s strange! I left my bible at court and the very same day a new one appeared.” I forgot I had written a letter to International Bible Society requesting a Bible when I first arrived at jail. (I love them by the way; I am sending them a letter after this letter).


Joseph miraculously entered my life, and, on 4-19-2006 I was saved!

I love my new bible. I refer to the bible as the “Good Book”. I have become such a better person because of God’s Word and Jesus’ teachings. Every time I would feel any negative emotions, I would pick up the bible, and, by the grace of God, my negative feelings would turn positive. Everyday I pray to be a better person. To resist evil and try to portray goodness. I tell myself God is the only Judge. I look forward to having dinner with Jesus in heaven someday. I am just beginning to realize my purpose in life! It is amazing to me!! ?

I can’t explain to you how good it feels to be good! ? Now, the many questions I have had in my head most of my life are getting answered.


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